Selasa, 15 April 2008

Belit Anwar

Wajah Seorang Penyangak, Penipu dan Pakar Membelit

Apa kata Dr Chandra Muzaffar berkenaan peribadi Anwar sebagai seorang politikus :

"My answer has prompted a variety of individuals and groups within and without the political arena to expose the machinations and manipulations of a Machiavellian politician. For this master of deceit and duplicity was beginning to hoodwink a gullible segment of Malaysian society into believing that he was that long awaited 'knight in shining armour' who would deliver the masses into that glorious paradise of justice and equality. It is partly because 'the knight' has been unmasked that a lot more Malaysians have become conscious of what is at stake at this critical moment in their lives when they once again exercise their right to determine their future."

Some of my unhappiness with Anwar and Parti KeAdilan Nasional (as it was then known as) which I quit in December 2001, I chose to share with Aliran President, P. Ramakrishnan, at a dinner in a Petaling Jaya restaurant in early 2002. From the notes I have kept of our meeting, I was quite candid with him about money politics in the party, the lack of financial accountability, and its manipulation of communal sentiments. It was information that I have over the years brought to the notice of a handful of other friends. In a couple of interviews with local magazines I had also alluded to these weaknesses within the party and its leadership.

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